Alva Oliva: Aceite de oliva Virgen Extra

Type of Oil

Description of olive oil.

Olive oil is extracted from olive fruits. The composition of the olive fruits at harvest is very variable, depending on the olive fruit variety, soil, climate, and crop. Olive fruits contain, at the time of collection: 18-32% oil, water 40-55% and plant tissues 23-35%. Virgin olive oil is olive juice, so it retains all the flavor and nutritional properties of olive fruit. Olive oil is the richest in oleic acid. It is therefore a monounsaturated fat, with very beneficial effect on cholesterol, lowering the rates of LDL, negative cholesterol and increasing HDL, the better one (suitable for all cardiovascular problems).

Types of olive oil.

The European Union legislation has established the International Olive Oil Arrangement in 1986 the denomination of “Aceite de Oliva” only the oil from olive fruit, with the exception of those obtained by solvent or by mixing with other oils from different nature. This designation does not apply to oil obtained from olive pomace. The law distinguishes the following types of olive oil for sale, in olive oils can be distinguished:

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