Alva Oliva: Aceite de oliva Virgen Extra

What are the organoleptic characteristics? And sensory analysis?

Form oil tasting for a taster:

They are all the same qualities or attributes that can be detected by the senses (sight, smell, taste, touch) such as the color, smell, taste or flavor, fluidity. The color is not taken into account in the oil sensory analysis for analytical purposes, because depending on the variety or degree of maturity of the olive oils we can find more golden oils or more greenish, but both can be category EXTRA. At the time of the tasting, these characteristics are evaluated to determine the quality of olive oil. Let's see one of the organoleptic characteristics. Color: usually a good olive oil or basic is clean at first sight. They are defective in cloudy, dark or dirty. A good olive oil is from these colors: straw yellow, golden yellow, greenish yellow and strong green. The variety of colors like rojizo (red), blanquecino (white), pardusos (dark brown) are defective oils.

Taste and smell: the smell-taste test is called a flavor, where they areevaluated aromatic and taste sensations.

a -Pleasant smell and flavor are: aromas of ripe fruit, unripe fruit, olive fruit, apple, leaves and grass.
b - Odors and flavors are: vinegary aroma, winey, tart. Alpechín, moisture, metal, sediment, fusty and rancid.

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