Alva Oliva: Aceite de oliva Virgen Extra

Defects in virgin olive oil.

· Alpechín:

Characteristic flavor of oil obtained as a result of poor settling and prolonged contact with the vegetable water.

· Atrojado:

Characteristic flavor of oil obtained from olives that have undergone an advanced stage of fermentation.

· Vinegary:

Feeling of certain oils reminiscent of vinegar ...

· Borras:

Characteristic taste of oil recovered from the decanted sludge in the tanks.

· Rancid:

Common flavor of all the olives that have undergone a process of auto-oxidation caused by prolonged contact with air.

· Apagado:

It is the oil that has lost its organoleptic characteristics and which has lost its aromatic components, excess temperature in the processing or aging of the oil.

Inside the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we can distinguish 3 types:

a.1) Monovarietal: That which is obtained from a single variety of olive.

a.2) Blend: That which is obtained from different olive varieties.

a.3) Designation of Origin (PDO): That which is produced from olives from a particular geographic area, the oil must also be produced and bottled in that area, is subject to certain controls and DOP should be officially recognized.

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