Alvaoliva: Aceite de oliva Virgen Extra

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your diet

· Lowers blood clogs. Protection against hypertension.
The blood vessels become blocked thanks to plaque generation by the oxidation of LDL. Olive oil contains antioxidants that prevent this oxidation, while helping to remove LDL. The obstruction of blood vessels is caused by the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels that are gradually hindering blood flow. Hypertension occurs when the heart has to make an extra effort to pump blood. This extra effort is eliminated if we avoid the obstruction of blood. Olive oil helps to prevent clogging and therefore helps to have a healthy heart

· Reduction of gastric acidity.
· The Digestive System: Olive oil stimulates the digestive secretions. In this way is a healthier digestion. "It makes me salivate." When something makes us salivate, we're really helping digestion. Tasty food and good aroma, aid in digestion and to accompany the food with more secretions. The extra virgin olive oil stimulates the digestive system to its aroma and flavor.

· Olive oil and lose weight: Olive oil helps the stomach empty slower. This action causes an earlier onset of satiety that helps you lose weight. Finally, it keeps more time in the stomach and we better assimilate nutrients.

· Improving the activity of the intestine and liver and gallbladder function.
· Ulcers: Olive oil reduces gastric acidity. Replace any fat by Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It reduces pain, scarring and size of ulcers.
· The Extra Virgin Olive Oil and cancer: There are many types of cancer related to diet type (colon, breast and prostate). Olive oil is effective in preventing the onset and progression of certain types of tumors. The reasons why olive oil is so beneficial are: its fatty acid profile (mainly monounsaturated oleic acid and certain presence of olive oil acids) and its powerful antioxidant properties (rich in natural antioxidants.)

· El Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra y el cáncer. Existen numerosos tipos de cáncer relaciones con el tipo de dieta, (colon, mama y próstata). El aceite de oliva resulta eficaz en evitar la aparición y evolución de ciertos tipos de tumores. Los motivos por los que el aceite de oliva resulta tan beneficios son: su perfil en ácidos grasos (principalmente acido oleico monoinsaturado y con cierta presencia de poliinsaturados) y su poderoso poder antioxidante (rico en antioxidantes naturales).

· Free radicals: Free radicals are highly reactive substances that are at the origin of certain tumors. The formation and presence of these in vegetable oils is due to the oxidation of fatty acids. The targets of this mechanism of action are the double bonds of these fatty acids. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (with more double bonds) are more sensitive to these changes. Olive oil has a high oleic acid content and for this reason is less affected by this process than other oils rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Furthermore, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil has antioxidants that act as a natural defence against this process.

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