Alva Oliva: Aceite de oliva Virgen Extra

Welcome to our new Website

Thanks to the extreme dedication, commitment to a well done job, thanks to the satisfaction of an excellent result... the art of making a good olive oil.

For all these reasons, Oleícola Álvarez SL. presents the new image of one of our iconic brands, Alvaoliva.

According to an artist who carefully prepares his work for the joy and pleasure of the viewer, Oleícola Álvarez SL., works for and towards the final consumer. We want to delight our masterpiece, the culmination of joint effort to obtain the best possible results; pure and simple... the taste of olive trees, olive trees care as the best of the canvases, brushtrokes olive trees with the effort and affection of the largest artists, olive trees which obtain the natural essence of the land... Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

As the painter looks for and prepares his palette carefully, the origin of his work, the material of his art, giving life to thought, reflections Oleícola Álvarez SL. extracts the genuine taste of Picual Variety: the delicate itching and soft bitterness are characteristic the art manufacturing our fruit, achieving nutty flavor and a ripe tomato taste.

Painters, sculptors, poets, writers, filmmakers, farmers:

Art, in all its forms, has been considered asa means of communication, as a therapeutic tool... What it is scientifically proven, is the regenerative and helathy capacity to the Olive Oil. The infinite contribution to our body of beneficial components, and the energy provided of olive oil, help to maintain a balanced and salubrious life to the habitual consumer.

Enjoy yourselves of traditional art, enjoy a well done job, enjoy the excellence of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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