Alva Oliva: Aceite de oliva Virgen Extra

Variety Hojiblanca

Variedad HojiblancaIts area of influence extends through Andalucía, particularly in the east of the province of Seville, southern Córdoba and the entire north of the province of Málaga. It can correspond to the 16% of the Andalusian olive trees. It is also known as Lucentino, because of the metallic reflections of its leaves with the sun. Hojiblanca olive fruits serve both as black olives (to eat) thanks to the firm texture of its flesh, and for the production of oil.

The maturation of its fruits is a little late, from late November to late December. Once the fruit is mature it is so resistant to fall down. For his reason, the olive harvest is quite difficult. Its oil yield is low, averaging between 17% or 19%.

It presents a fatty acid composition very balanced with relatively lower saturated acids in the rest of the oils of other varieties. The oxidation stability is not high and it is recommended to keep these oils in a dark place and without excessive oxygenation during storage.

From the point of view of taste, it has a great range of flavor, but vegetable flavors predominate. Common values are the attributes of sweetness at the start of the tasting, fresh grass fruity aroma, slightly bitter green fruit and other fruits that sometimes resemble a salad, light spicy aftertaste in the throat to almonds.

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