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Alva Oliva: Aceite de oliva Virgen Extra

History of Olive Álvarez

Oleícola Álvarez, SL is a company created in 1996 by the Alvarez family, who has all the requirements for improvement and teamwork for the production and development of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The founder, Mr. Cosme Alvarez Mármol, within his business attitude and passion for the olive trees and its olive oil, wanted to develop all stages: both agricultural (olive trees) and production in Olive Oil. In this way, it has been created a business project that was been formed in previous years.

The olive oil press was built for Oleicola Alvarez’s family olive fruit. Due to the several requests by the farmers and people working in the agriculture area, all the factory installations and facilities have been expanded: reception of olive fruit, (hopper-tape-weight and clean-machine...) and in storage prior to its grinding (hopper) and in the process of mixing and production (vertical centrifugal mixer, ...) and in the decantation and storage in warehouse (tanks and cisterns).

We began collecting 1,000,000 kg of olive fruits in 1996 and nowadays we work with 12,000,000 kg of them. Moreover, we are daily milling 500,000 kg of olive fruits, with a storage capacity of 3,000 tons of olive oil.

Oleícola Álvarez S.L. has three shopping points in towns and villages near from the olive oil mill, bearing in mind the opening of two new shopping points.

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