Alva Oliva: Aceite de oliva Virgen Extra


Variedad EmpeltreEmpeltre variety comes from community of Aragón. Its cultivation area extends from the provinces of Logroño and Teruel by “Valle del Ebro” to the province of Tarragona, spread even in the “Islas Baleares”. They are nearly 85% of the regions of Bajo Aragón Turolense, spreading through the lands of Alcaniz, Calaceite Valderrobres, Castellote and Serranía de Montalbán, located on the border between Aragón and Cataluña.

It is one of the oldest olive trees in Spain. It can reach a large shape, although its rooting ability is low, which forces practicing “graft” as a primary method of propagation. In fact, it seems that its name derives from the Catalan word "empelt" meaning graft, thanks that this variety was grafted onto older ones. Its leaves are dark green and shiny, their olive fruits are black “azabache”. The olives are oil yield about 18.3%. The fruit ripening is early in the first week of November to the first week of December.

Its oil is smooth texture with a fruity soft and delicate smell, sweet and slightly nutty. Almost never they are bitter or spicy. The oils are very pleasant on the palate, very sweet and soft.

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