Alva Oliva: Aceite de oliva Virgen Extra


Variedad CornicabraThis variety is, according to the number of hectares, the second in importance, but the third in production. Originally from Mora de Toledo, its growing area covers the provinces of Toledo and Ciudad Real in Castilla la Mancha. Its name comes from the characteristic shape of a horn on its fruit. Also called cornezuelo, is the main variety of OD Montes de Toledo.

They have a high resistance to drought, frost, cold winter, which indicates us that while they are Mediterranean tree, finally they are been perfectly adapted to a continental climate. At the end of their maturation is characterized by an intense violet color. Its oil yield is about 19​​%.

The oils are fruity and aromatic, showing average values ​​of bitter and spicy. When they are obtained from more mature olives at the end of the harvest, it is common to find different flavors and textures to exotic fruits such as avocado. Cornicabra oils have a remarkable balance between sweet, bitter greens and spicy medium intensity. The oils are stable due to its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids.

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