Alva Oliva: Aceite de oliva Virgen Extra

Attributes of virgin olive oil.

· Fruity:

It remembers the smell and taste, fresh fruit picked at optimum ripeness

· Fruity ripe:

flavor of olive oil obtained from ripe fruit, usually, mild aroma and sweet flavor.

· Almond:

This flavor can be of two types: fresh almond or dry almond and healthy it can be confused with incipient rancidity. Be seen as an aftertaste when the oil remains in contact with the tongue or palate. Ii is related to sweet oils and low odor.

· Grass:

flavor of certain oils reminiscent of fresh grass.

· Leafy greens:

flavor of oils obtained from olives too green or have been crushed leaves and stems

· Apples:

Olive Oil Flavor reminiscent of apples.

· Sour:

Not only is characteristic of fresh green olives, but also is an attribute inherent to the variety. Thus, we have varieties like Cornicabra or Picual or that are more bitter than the Manzanilla, Lechin, and Arbequina. It may be more or less pleasant depending on consumer tastes.

· Sweet:

The sweet taste in the oil is considered as the absence of bitterness and / or spicy. And not all consumers find it enjoyable..

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